Enhances Skills: Getting Started with Commendation Criteria 29-32

This tutorial offers educational resources to help providers achieve compliance with Criteria 29-32 in the “Enhances Skills” category of the Menu of Criteria for Accreditation with Commendation.

The commendation criteria in the “Enhances Skills” category reward providers that design CME to optimize skills and create individualized learning plans and support strategies for their learners.

Please note: The compliance examples describe approaches that would meet the expectations of the criteria; however, they may not include evidence of compliance with the measurement standards for each criterion.

Criterion 29: The provider designs CME to optimize communication skills of learners.

Criterion 30: The provider designs CME to optimize technical and procedural skills of learners.

Criterion 31: The provider creates individualized learning plans for learners.

Criterion 32: The provider utilizes support strategies to enhance change as an adjunct to its CME.