Executive Management

Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc

President and Chief Executive Officer


Dr. McMahon leads efforts to leverage the power of accredited CME to address national and international healthcare challenges. In collaboration with ACCME's governance, he oversees initiatives to fulfill ACCME’s mission and vision by setting standards for education that accelerate learning, change, and growth in healthcare; and by sustaining a framework that supports, inspires, and motivates educators to achieve their full potential.

Kate Regnier, MA, MBA

Executive Vice President


Kate provides executive leadership to the accreditation, recognition, education, monitoring, governance, and business functions of the ACCME. She oversees ACCME’s relationships with government stakeholders, certifying boards, and other health professions’ accreditors. Kate also serves as the primary staff liaison to Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education.

Debbie Brucki, MA, CAE

Manager of Governance and External Relations


Debbie is responsible for managing corporate governance issues and the routine business of the Board of Directors. 

Accreditation & Recognition

Christina Falceto

Accreditation Specialist I


Christina coordinates and supports systems of accreditation and recognition services to help ensure excellence in the processes of decision making and maintenance of recognition. She also supports the department in Joint Accreditation and auditing functions.

David Baldwin, MPA

Director of Accreditation Services


David directs the ACCME's accreditation process and serves as the primary staff liaison for the Accreditation Review Committee.

Dion Richetti

Vice President of Accreditation and Recognition


Dion oversees the accreditation of CME providers and the recognition of state and territory medical societies (ACCME Recognized Accreditors).

Sebastian Orr

Senior Manager, Accreditation Services


Sebastian manages ACCME’s monitoring and surveillance systems. He assists in the management of complaints, audits of CME activities that count for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and are compliant with FDA Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS), and the accreditation decision-making process. He also responds to stakeholder questions about ACCME requirements.

Shannon Amoako

Senior Accreditation Specialist


Shannon coordinates the interview scheduling and support of the accreditation surveyors, and works closely with the team in implementing our systems of accreditation and recognition. 

Sharon Nordling

Senior Manager, Recognition Services and Volunteer Training


Sharon manages the recognition process for state medical societies (ACCME Recognized Accreditors) and is the staff liaison to the Committee for Review and Recognition. She is also responsible for training ACCME Recognized Accreditors and ACCME Volunteer Surveyors. 

Whitney Mayer

Senior Manager, Accreditation Processes


Whitney manages the implementation of Accreditation and Recognition systems, is responsible for the cohort-based accreditation review process, and supports systems related to ongoing audits of accreditation decision making for the State Medical Society Recognized Accreditors.

Finance & Operations

Agnes Srebro

Operations Team Lead


Agnes provides guidance and support for the Operations Team and educates ACCME staff on best practices related to technological resources. She is also responsible for overseeing ACCME’s routine financial tasks and implements processes to ensure ACCME’s compliance with records management policies, contracts, and regulatory reporting requirements.

Allison Bader

Special Projects Coordinator


Allison coordinates special projects within the Executive and Operations departments at ACCME.

Anaiz Venancio

Finance and Operations Coordinator


Anaiz coordinates the activities of the finance and operations area, including overseeing logistical aspects of ACCME’s in-house meetings.

Desiree Banks

Operations Administrator


Desiree provides support for governance projects and for the meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees. She also supports ACCME’s general operational needs.

Florin Wishnew

Manager, Finance and Operations


Florin manages the in-house meeting and reception functions at ACCME. She also supports the financial planning and analysis activities of ACCME, including new business development initiatives.

Jennifer Dunleavy, MSA

Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations


Jennifer oversees the financial and administrative operations of the ACCME. Jennifer also oversees the implementation of technical projects in support of ACCME’s strategic plan.

Data & Information Services

Deborah Mathis

Technical Support Engineer


Deborah is responsible for providing support to ACCME providers, collaboration partners, and staff in their use and understanding of web services and application programming interfaces (APIs) for ACCME's proprietary data collection systems, including the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS).

Dori Wilson

Project Manager, Systems Implementation and Integration


Dori coordinates cross-functional activities that support the maintenance and enhancement of ACCME’s data products, as well as ACCME's engagement with certifying boards and state licensing boards. 

Ed Kennedy

Director, Business Intelligence, Data, and Reporting


Ed providers leadership and operational oversight for ACCME’s master data management capability and business intelligence and reporting activities. He ensures that internal and external data is coordinated across the enterprise to support the reporting, business intelligence, and process improvement needs of stakeholders.

Ethan Darling

Full Stack .NET Developer


Ethan supports advanced integrations and implements enhancements and new features for ACCME’s custom applications including the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) and CME Passport. He works closely with product stakeholders and operational teams to refine feature designs and implement solutions that adhere to ACCME’s product roadmaps.

Haley McKeever

Program Support Analyst


Haley is responsible for providing support to ACCME providers, collaboration partners, staff, and volunteers in their use and understanding of ACCME's proprietary data collection systems, including the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS).

John MacMillan

Director, Information Technology


John plans and leads projects that support the IT infrastructure technology roadmap with an emphasis on cyber security and cloud enablement and oversees all day-to-day technology operations.

Julianna Cole, MBA

Vice President of Data and Information Systems


Julianna oversees the information technology strategy and execution for ACCME. She provides strategic direction and guidance in the development and implementation of all ACCME enterprise-wide solutions and information systems. 

LaShawn Dorsey

IT Support Specialist


LaShawn is the primary point of contact for all technology issues from staff, and supports projects related to the ACCME information technology infrastructure including applications, network services, cloud operations, and security.

Nyla Zak

Program Support Analyst


Nyla is responsible for providing support to ACCME providers, collaboration partners, staff, and volunteers in their use and understanding of ACCME's proprietary data collection systems, including the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS).

Rebecca Whicker

Lead Software Engineer


Rebecca guides the day-to-day operations of the development team for ACCME’s critical custom applications, the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) and CME Passport. She works closely with product stakeholders, customer support, and operational teams to simplify activity/learner data reporting for our accredited provider community.

Sam Welbel

Program Support Analyst


Sam is responsible for providing support to ACCME providers, collaboration partners, staff, and volunteers in their use and understanding of ACCME's proprietary data collection systems, including the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS).

Teri McCauley

Senior Application Analyst


Teri is responsible for the ongoing improvement in points of integration between the ACCME’s Accreditation Management System (AMS) and the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS). She works closely with cross-functional teams to facilitate the accreditation process and fulfillment of ACCME requirements.

Education & Outreach

Alexa Cherry

Meeting Support Specialist


Alexa supports ACCME's educational meetings that address the needs of continuing education (CE) professionals and other stakeholders involved in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of accredited CE.

Anam Merchant

Senior Multimedia Designer


Anam uses graphic design and media production to support ACCME's educational resources and engagement.

Anquienette Arnold, MS, MSM

Manager, ACCME Academy


Anquienette oversees ACCME's support of the professional development of accredited CME program administrators, educational planners, and faculty via ACCME Academy, our online learning portal.

Marcia Martin

Director of Provider Education


Marcia directs ACCME’s education and outreach initiatives for accredited providers, including the ACCME Annual Meeting and Accreditation Workshops. 

Melody Cohn

Project Manager, Education and Outreach


Melody manages ACCME's educational initiatives that support accredited providers, Recognized Accreditors, and accreditation volunteers. Melody oversees team implementation of large events, including ACCME's annual meeting and accreditation workshop, and ACCME Academy.

Steve Singer, PhD

Vice President of Education and Outreach


Steve oversees the education and outreach activities of the ACCME, including educational support for accredited providers, volunteers, and Recognized Accreditors.


Sujata Nadkarni, PhD

Marketing Communications Manager


Sujata develops and executes marketing/communications plans to promote the value of accredited continuing education, to grow the community of accredited providers, and to build engagement with the accredited continuing education community.

William Shaw

Communications Specialist


Will plans and executes social media content, monthly newsletters, website content, and marketing/communications emails to further support ACCME's strategic goals.

Ellen Sullivan, MS, MSJ

Vice President of Communications


Ellen oversees the development and execution of strategies to build engagement with the CME community and promote awareness of the value of accredited CME to healthcare leaders, clinicians, the media, and the public.