Utilizes Support Strategies

The provider utilizes support strategies to enhance change as an adjunct to its CME. (formerly Criterion 32)


Rationale: This criterion recognizes providers that create, customize, or make available supplemental services (e.g., reminders) and/or resources (e.g., online instructional material, apps) that are designed to reinforce or sustain change.

Critical Elements:

  • Utilizes support strategies to enhance change as an adjunct to CME activities AND
  • Conducts a periodic analysis to determine the effectiveness of the support strategies, and plans improvements

The Standard:

  • Attest to meeting this criterion in at least 10% of activities (but no less than two) during the accreditation term.
  • At review, submit evidence for this number of activities:*
    • S: 2; M: 4; L: 6; XL: 8
    • *Program Size by Activities per Term: S (small): <39; M (medium): 40 -100; L (large): 101-250; XL (extra large): >250