The Board of Directors is the governing body of the ACCME. It is charged with setting the strategic direction for the organization and leading the ACCME in identifying, developing, and promoting standards for quality continuing medical education.

The following is a listing of the current members of ACCME’s Board of Directors:

Saima Chaudhry, MD
Rebecca Daniel, MD, FACP
Annette Mallory Donawa, PhD, MSED
Susan DuBois, CPCS, CPMSM
Marci Fjelstad, MPH, MBA
Eric Friedberg, MD
Shannon Kilgore, MD
Vincent Loffredo, EdD
Marko Jachtorowycz, MD
Tammy L.H. McGee, MBA; Treasurer
Thomas McLoughlin, Jr., MD
Haritha Rachamulla, MD
Sharisse Arnold-Rehring, MD
Christine Stabler, MD 
Roy Erwin Strowd, III, MD, MED, MS
Jon Thomas, MD, MBA; Vice Chair
Jacqueline A. Watson, DO, MBA
Gay Wehrli, MD, MBA, MSEd; Chair

Government Representatives to the Board
Erica Scavella, MD