The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME®) was founded in 1981 to oversee the accreditation of institutions that provide continuing medical education (CME). A nonprofit corporation based in Chicago, IL, we are responsible for setting standards to ensure that CME is effective, relevant, responsive to the changing healthcare environment, independent, free from commercial bias, and designed to promote healthcare improvement. Our goal is to leverage the power of education to improve clinician performance and patient care.

The ACCME Strategic Plan 2022–2026, Thriving Together: Accelerate Learning, Change, and Growth in Healthcare, addresses our interconnected opportunities and challenges and aims to promote an even more vibrant and thriving accredited continuing education enterprise

The strategic plan comprises five priority areas:

  • Strategic Goal 1: Act with Integrity 
  • Strategic Goal 2: Advance Excellence in Accredited Continuing Education
  • Strategic Goal 3: Provide Exemplary Service 
  • Strategic Goal 4: Promote Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Strategic Goal 5: Demonstrate the Power of Collaboration 

The objectives of this strategic plan are ambitious, but we believe that together with our staff, leadership, colleagues in the CME community, and our stakeholders across the health system, we can realize our shared vision of leveraging the power of education to improve the quality of care for the patients and communities we serve.

We are working hard to drive transformation in the learning environment for practicing clinicians, support our CME community, and simplify and align regulatory systems. During the past few years we:

The ACCME’s founding organizations represent the profession of medicine. They continue to serve as our member organizations and we collaborate on leadership initiatives to address emerging issues in clinician education and the healthcare environment.