An Overview of Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education

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In this first of six videos, the collaborating accreditors discuss the evolution of Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education. Hear from Kate Regnier, MA, MBA, Executive Vice President of the ACCME, Dimitra Travlos, PharmD, BCPS, Assistant Executive Director & Director, Continuing Pharmacy Education Provider Accreditation of the ACPE, and Kathy Chappell, PhD, RN, Director, Accreditation Program at the ANCC.


>>CHAPPELL: So now we have the Joint Accreditation Program, the only one of its kind that exists in the world, that was really a result of us coming to the table and talking together. And not only talking as accreditors, but talking with our stakeholders.

>>REGNIER: Right, right. I remember we did the focus group at ANCC's offices where we invited multiply-accredited organizations, I think they all had all three of our individual accreditation status, and they came and gave us feedback on what they could – what could help them be more effective and more efficient. They spent so much time doing accreditation, that they weren't focused on doing good, high-quality education. And we sort of took that idea and said, "What could we develop that would really sort of move beyond, build from that unified self-study report that we first launched?" And we came up with the idea of Joint Accreditation.

>>TRAVLOS: Yeah, and from there, I mean, as one of the execs had said at the time, "It's just like what, what could we go above and beyond? It's one thing that we each have our own accreditations, but if we're going to do this unified app, what is it, and where's it going to go? This unified app 2.0." And so we said, "Really, it should be not only a common accreditation report, but it should serve a purpose, so let's work on those organizations." Because the feedback from the focus group was that some of them do in a professional education. The CE Plan by a team, for a team. And so that's what we worked on for the next, probably about a year or so until we

>>REGNIER: Yeah, it was a while.

>>TRAVLOS: It was a while to try to get it, and we had to compromise a lot.

>>REGNIER: Well we had to create a new set of Criteria.

>>CHAPPELL: We did, we did.

>>REGNIER: It was really focused on what we eventually ended up calling Joint Accreditation.


>>REGNIER: So it was Joint Accreditation and the Criteria were sort of an amalgamation of our requirements around education, and the organization and what we saw, and what the literature supported as real, high-quality, effective education by the team, for the team.

>>TRAVLOS: And to get down to the detail, we also came up with a common glossary.

>>CHAPPELL: Right.

>>TRAVLOS: At the time. We agreed on some terms.

>>CHAPPELL: Common terms.

>>TRAVLOS: On common terms, like 'activity', something as simple as that. And this time it would be one process where a provider would submit one report and it would go, that one report, to

>>CHAPPELL: One set of Criteria.

>>TRAVLOS: One set of Criteria, one set of Policies and it would be a different governance structure.

>>REGNIER: Right.


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