North Dakota Board of Medicine Joins ACCME and State Medical Licensing Boards Collaboration

We’re pleased to announce that the North Dakota Board of Medicine has joined the ACCME and State Medical Licensing Boards Collaboration. This initiative reduces burdens and streamlines the CME reporting process for your learners who are licensed physicians (MDs and DOs) in North Dakota. 

How does it work? 

With the launch of the new, improved Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) last November, you now have the opportunity to report data in PARS about all learners, including North Dakota licensees, who have completed your CME activities. The Board can view the relevant data to more readily determine that physicians who are applying for license renewal or reinstatement have fulfilled North Dakota’s regulatory requirements for CME participation. This streamlines the process for physicians, who do not have to report that data themselves, and simplifies the audit review process for the Board. Physicians can also use CME Passport to find, track, and generate transcripts of their reported CME. 

What is the benefit of participation? 

You’ll demonstrate your leadership to the Board and your physician-learners. By decreasing the administrative burden of CME reporting, you provide additional value for your learners—enabling them to spend less time tracking and uploading CME credits and dedicate more of their time to high-quality learning—and most importantly, to patient care. By reporting learners’ CME-completion data in PARS at you’ll reduce your work responding to subsequent queries and transcript requests from physicians.  

For more information and resources for submitting learner data, visit our new PARS webpage

What is the ACCME and State Medical Licensing Boards Collaboration? 

The ACCME and State Medical Boards Collaboration enables CME providers to report physician participation in accredited CME to participating boards via PARS, with the goal of reducing burdens on physicians and simplifying the audit process for boards. The ACCME offers the service free of charge to medical licensing boards, accredited providers, and licensees. Currently, participants include the medical licensing boards in California, Maine, Maryland, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Oregon. 

For more information and a guide to the collaboration, visit our ACCME and State Medical Licensing Boards Collaboration webpage