Important Updates: CME for MOC and TN Pilot

We’re pleased to let you know that in response to provider requests, we’ve improved the learner reporting process for CME for that counts for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and formed collaborations with additional certifying boards.

Improved Learner Reporting in PARS

Enhanced search for CME for MOC activities: This improved functionality allows you to search for CME for MOC activities using a variety of filters. You can search by activity ID, activity title, activity type, certifying board, date when learner data was last updated, and the status of learners’ records (submitted to the certifying board, accepted, or rejected.)  

enhanced search

Report learners for multiple boards in one step: This new tool enables you to enter data for learners who are certified by multiple boards in one step, rather than having to re-enter individual learner data for each certifying board. Please note: this tool is available in the webform. The process for batch upload or web services has not changed; these functions already allow for submission of learner data for multiple boards within one file. 

multiple boards

Expanded learner search and export features: Use this functionality to search for information by learner, including the dates and names of activities the learner completed, the number of MOC points/credits earned, what type of credits/points were awarded, and whether the boards accepted or rejected the credits/points. You can also generate reports based on your searches. 

learner search

NPI option: We have added a field where you can enter the learner’s National Provider Identifier (NPI). This field is optional when submitting learner data for CME for MOC — and does not replace the requirement to enter each learner’s certifying board ID. We added this field to support providers who are participating in the pilot project with the ACCME and Board of Medical Examiners in Tennessee. 

NPI Option

ABPath Learner Reporting

As part of the enhancements to the learner reporting system described above, we have modified PARS to enable you to enter learner data for CME that counts for American Board of Pathology (ABPath) continuing certification credits. For more information, visit this webpage

New Collaborations 

Good news! We are collaborating with two more certifying boards: The American Board of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (ABOHNS) and the American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO).

ABOHNS: You are now able to register activities that count for ABOHNS MOC. We encourage you to download the program guide now and think about how your CME program might participate. Once you register activities for ABOHNS MOC, they will be displayed in CME Finder. PARS will be modified to enable you to submit learner data in the fall. We will release more information and resources soon.  

ABO: We expect the ACCME/ABO collaboration to launch later this year. Watch for upcoming announcements. 

For More Information

CME in Support of MOC Webpage: Find updates and resources including links to each of the certifying boards’ program guides. 

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