Coming Soon: Opportunity to Report CME Participation Data for Oregon Licensees

We’re delighted that the Oregon Medical Board (OMB) has joined the ACCME and State Medical Boards Collaboration, an initiative that will reduce burdens and streamline the CME reporting process for your learners who are licensed physicians (MDs and DOs) in Oregon.

How will it work? 

With the launch of the new, improved Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) later this year, you’ll have the opportunity to report data in PARS about Oregon licensees who have completed your CME activities. The OMB will have the ability to view this data to more readily determine that physicians who are requesting license renewal have fulfilled Oregon’s expectations for CME participation. This will greatly streamline the process for physicians, who will not have to report that data themselves, and it will simplify the audit review process for OMB. The ACCME is offering the service free of charge to the OMB, accredited providers, and licensees.

What is the benefit of participation? 

You’ll demonstrate your leadership to the OMB and your physician-learners. By decreasing the administrative burden of CME reporting, you provide additional value for your learners—enabling them to spend less time tracking and uploading CME credits and dedicate more of their time to high-quality learning—and most importantly, to patient care. By reporting the data in PARS at the time of activity completion, you’ll reduce your work responding to subsequent queries and transcript requests from physicians.  

How will learner data entry work in the new PARS? 

The new PARS will include fields enabling you to upload learner-completion data for all of your accredited CME activities and learners, including Oregon licensees. We’re streamlining the process, to make it easier and more efficient for you:

  • You’ll be able to report learner-completion data using several methods that may be familiar to you: web form entry, Excel batch upload, XML batch upload, and web services. We’ll provide templates and more information when we launch the new PARS.
  • Data entry via the web form: For most learners, you'll only need to enter their first name, last name, month and day of birth (not year), and state of licensure to make a match. 
  • Access to a learner matching application programming interface (API) will allow you to pre-validate learner-identification data prior to entering information about participation in CME (and Maintenance of Certification/Continuing Certification). This process will reduce rejections by allowing you to correct the information prior to sending the completion to PARS. 
  • We'll provide a standard data-sharing permission statement as an option for you to use when seeking permission from your physician-learners to collect and report their data. 

For more information, visit our new PARS webpage

What do I do now? 

We encourage you to prepare now by entering current and future activities prospectively into PARS, and by collecting learner-identity data, so that after the launch of the new PARS, you’ll be ready to add your learner data. Any data you enter into PARS now will be migrated over to the new PARS—you will not need to reenter any data. 

How do I get support? 

ACCME staff are happy to help! Please reach out to with your questions.