Provider Self-Assessment on Readiness to Demonstrate Compliance with ACCME’s Updated Standards for Commercial Support

Last Revised: 
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Organizational self-assessment is an important part of the improvement process of ACCME accredited providers. The self-study model on which the ACCME’s accreditation process is based relies heavily on internal self-evaluations that allow providers to pinpoint needs of their own CME programs and allocate resources to address those specific needs. Assessing readiness to demonstrate compliance with ACCME’s Updated Standards for Commercial Support can be a part of providers’ self-assessment process.

This example of a self-assessment is designed to help providers link current practices with ACCME expectations. When completing this self-assessment worksheet, please reference ACCME’s Updated Standards for Commercial Support.

Providers are NOT required or expected to use this self-assessment. It is a tool developed for ACCME’s Accreditation Workshops which is being shared with Providers.