What is the Program Summary?

Last Revised: 
June 25, 2014

The Program Summary is a summary of financial data attributable to your entire CME Program for the year. For Reporting Years up to and including 2014, the Program Summary reflects two kinds of data:

  1. First, the aggregation of income and expense that is attributable to individual CME activities (these amounts are automatically aggregated from the information you provide about your individual activities), and
  2. Second, income and expense that is not attributable to a single activity, but rather is allocated to your CME Program as a whole (you must manually fill in these amounts each year). 

For the 2015 Reporting Year and beyond, the Program Summary will include the following data fields that the provider is required to manually complete:

1.   Total advertising and exhibit income received in support of your CME Program

2.   Total registration fees received (includes registration, subscription or publication fees received from CME activity participants)

3.   Total government monetary grants received (monetary grants received from federal, state, or local governmental agencies in support of your CME Program)

4.   Total private monetary donations received (monetary donations received from the private sector, including foundations, in support of your CME Program)

In 2015, the ACCME will no longer collect information about CME program expenses.

Please note that commercial support information must be entered for individual CME activities, and is summarized automatically on the Program Summary page.

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