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We encourage you to enter your activities as you plan them and close them when they end. To meet your year-end reporting responsibility, we ask that you complete the following steps by March 31 of each year

  1. Go to the Agreement Page, read through the policies/procedures, and click Accept Terms. 
  2. Enter all of your activities that occurred in the previous calendar year and close any that are complete. 
  3. Update the total learner counts as of December 31 of the previous calendar year for any enduring material activities that are continuing into the next calendar year. 
  4. Complete and submit your program summary, including any revenue received through December 31 of the previous calendar year. 
  5. Review and update your contact information in the accreditation management section of PARS. 

Please note: Providers accredited by a state medical society may be required to complete their year-end report earlier and should check with their accreditor for more information. 


Yes, the accredited provider must report the full amount of commercial support received, even if the commercial support is distributed to other non-accredited joint providers.

Report any in-kind (non-monetary) commercial support received for an activity by indicating the nature of the in-kind support. You should not estimate the dollar value of in-kind support. The following are the options in PARS to describe the nature of in-kind support:

  • Durable equipment
  • Facilities/Space
  • Disposable supplies (Non-biological)
  • Animal parts or tissue
  • Human parts of tissue
  • Other