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There are three (3) components of your organization’s year-end reporting:

  1. Enter all of your activities for the year and ensure that they are "Closed".  See What data are providers required to enter into PARS? for more information about reporting requirements.
  2. Complete the required information on the Program Summary tab.  Once you have entered the appropriate information on the Program Summary tab, be sure to click on the “Save Program Summary” button.
  3. Attest that your data is complete and ready for review.

For more information, visit our page on Data Reporting Requirements


Yes, the accredited provider must report the full amount of commercial support received, even if the commercial support is distributed to other non-accredited joint providers.

Report any in-kind (non-monetary) commercial support received for an activity by indicating the nature of the in-kind support. You should not estimate the dollar value of in-kind support. The following are the options in PARS to describe the nature of in-kind support:

  • Durable equipment
  • Facilities/Space
  • Disposable supplies (Non-biological)
  • Animal parts or tissue
  • Human parts of tissue
  • Other