Improves Performance

The provider demonstrates improvement in the performance of learners. (formerly Criterion 36)


Rationale: Research has shown that accredited CME can be an effective tool for improving individuals’ and groups’ performance in practice. This criterion recognizes providers that can demonstrate the impact of their CME program on the performance of individual learners or groups.

Critical Elements:

  • Measures performance changes of learners AND
  • Demonstrates improvements in the performance of learners

The Standard:

  • Attest to meeting this criterion in at least 10% of activities (but no less than two) during the accreditation term.
  • At review, submit evidence for this number of activities:*
    • S: 2; M: 4; L: 6; XL: 8
    • *Program Size by Activities per Term: S (small): <39; M (medium): 40 -100; L (large): 101-250; XL (extra large): >250