Now Available: CE Educator's Toolkit Provides Best Practices in Educational Design

Now Available: CE Educator's Toolkit Provides Best Practices in Educational Design 

The CE Educator’s Toolkit, a new resource designed to equip educators with best practices and guidelines to deliver effective CE, is now available. The toolkit was developed by the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME) through an ACCME research grant in fulfillment of ACCME’s strategic goal to advocate for research and scholarship in continuing education. 

Following a review of academic literature and discussions with experts in CE, the following education interventions were identified and explored in the toolkit:

  • Small-group learning: Promotes self-esteem and participation, introduces the learner to a range of perspectives and feedback, and supports the development of social, communication, and leadership skills. 
  • Case-based learning: Fosters critical thinking through the use of real-world scenarios and promotes collaboration and interprofessional learning through inquiry-based approaches.
  • Reflective learning: Supports self-awareness, facilitates lifelong learning, and identifies individual learning gaps and areas for improvement.

The toolkit also offers mini-case scenarios, guiding questions, and evaluation tools for tracking your learners’ progress. Additional resources on how to leverage the toolkit will be available in the coming months. This toolkit may be used, distributed, or presented for non-promotional educational purposes with attribution. Contact with questions on reproduction or use.

First Look at the ACCME 2022 Meeting 

On day one of the ACCME 2022 Meeting, both in-person and virtual attendees were able to join a mini-plenary session offering an overview of the toolkit and insights from the toolkit authors. During the session, attendees worked together in small groups to discuss case scenarios and best practices.

"What I love about the CE Educator's Toolkit is that it's not just general information about planning CE, but it includes helpful templates, checklists, and examples. I can't wait to start applying this in my work." —Mini-plenary session attendee 

Mini-plenary session - CE Toolkit