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In order to be responsive to the need for urgent, spontaneous education related to the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Planning Form for Expedited Accredited Activities removes the requirement for disclosure of relevant financial relationships and resolution of personal conflicts of interest. You do not need to provide disclosure to learners for these COVID-19 related activities. This form may be used for activities offered by December 31, 2020. 

Yes, ACCME requirements allow providers to offer opportunities for exhibits and advertising in association with CME activities of any type. Standard 4.2 provides guidance that is specific to computer based activities. In the case of a live streamed event (Internet Live Course) advertising and promotional or other content controlled by an ACCME-defined commercial interest must be kept completely separated in its own virtual space. This content must not be visible on the screen at the same time as the educational content, it must not be mixed between components of the accredited activity, and the learner must actively choose to engage with it. It may not be inserted as a “commercial break” before, during, or after the activity. 

Providers have developed virtual exhibit spaces that a learner may link to from a page or section of the activity outside of the accredited educational component. Learners must receive clear notification when they choose to leave the accredited education to participate in the exhibits.