The ACCME is grateful for the contributions of its many volunteers to the accreditation process and the maintenance of excellence in the accreditation system.

To show its gratitude, and recognize those volunteers that exhibit exemplary service, ACCME periodically grants the following awards:

The ACCME is only successful in its mission because of its dedicated volunteers (Board members, committee members, surveyors), partners in accreditation (the Recognized Accreditors), and accredited providers. Each year, the Board of Directors has the privilege of honoring ACCME volunteers and paying special tribute to those who have demonstrated exemplary and long-term service to the ACCME. 

2021 Completion of Service Awards

Board of Directors

  • Stuart Gilman, MD, MPH 
  • Jeffrey S. Mallin, MD 
  • Richard S. Pieters, MD, MEd, FACR 
  • William Rayburn, MD, MBA 
  • Michelle B. Schreiber, MD 
  • Michael D. Zanolli, MD 
  • Suzanne Ziemnik, MEd 

Accreditation Review Committee

  • Peter Aran, MD 
  • Rebecca Daniel, MD, FACP
  • Annette M. Donawa, PhD, MSED 
  • Crystal M. Gyiraszin, MS 
  • Janine Shapiro, MD 

Committee for Review and Recognition

  • Larry C. Driver, MD 
  • Jeffrey S. Mallin, MD 

2021 Surveyor Achievement Awards

In 2021, the ACCME volunteer surveyors listed below reached the milestones noted for total number of interviews conducted since becoming surveyors: 

25 Surveys

  • Minda Daiga, MBA 
  • Steve Kawczak, PhD 
  • Arnold Meyer, EdD 
  • Danna Muir, MBA 
  • Shelby Newby 
  • Amanda Sewell 

50 Surveys 

  • Sharrie D'Andrea Cranford, LICSW, PIP, MS, CCTP 
  • Rani Gereige, MD 
  • Susan Yarbrough 

100 Surveys

  • Jack Dolcourt, MD 


The purpose of the Rutledge W. Howard awards is to recognize individual and organizational accomplishments in the intrastate accreditation system. The awards are named for Dr. Rutledge W. Howard who worked with every state, the District of Columbia, and four territories in developing a system for accreditation of intrastate providers of continuing medical education.


There are two categories to the award. The first category recognizes unique or outstanding work done by intrastate accreditors in collaboration with their providers. The second category serves to commend individuals for their outstanding service to the intrastate accreditation system. Awards in either or both categories are not always awarded every year. Recognition consists of a certificate and/or plaque, as well as reimbursement for travel expenses to accept the award.

Past Winners

Patrick Sweeney, MD, PhD (individual category)
Washington State Medical Association (accreditor category)

Henry Tulgan, MD (individual category)
Indiana State Medical Association (accreditor category)

Ronald Johnson, MD (individual category)
Medical Association of the State of Alabama (accreditor category)

Kong Meng Tan, MD (individual category)

Melvin I. Freeman, MD (individual category)

Timothy Holder, MD (individual category)

James Liljestrand, MD, MPH (individual category)
Pennsylvania Medical Society (accreditor category)

Carol S. Havens, MD (individual category)
Oklahoma State Medical Society (accreditor category)

Jane Phillip (individual category)

Florida Medical Association (accreditor category)

Dean Bordeaux, MD, MAEd (individual category)
Louisiana State Medical Society (accreditor category)

Richard Ashby, MD (individual category)

Jeanette Harmon, MBA (individual category)
Illinois State Medical Society (accreditor category)

Texas Medical Association (accreditor category)

Massachusetts Medical Society (organizational award)
Minnesota Medical Association (organizational award)

Washington State Medical Association (organizational award)

Arizona Medical Association (organizational award)
Medical & Chirurgical Faculty of State of Maryland (organizational award)
Puerto Rico Medical Association (organizational award)


The Robert Raszkowski, MD, PhD, ACCME Hero Award recognizes volunteers who have provided exemplary and long-term service to the ACCME, through service on the Board, the Accreditation Review Committee, the Committee for Review and Recognition, the Monitoring Committee, and as volunteer surveyors. The award is named for the late Robert Raszkowski, MD, PhD, a long-time, dedicated ACCME volunteer.


Recipients of this award are a distinguished group of volunteers whose contributions exemplify Dr. Raszkowski’s spirit of volunteerism. Their extraordinary commitment and generosity of time and expertise enable the ACCME to fulfill its mission of setting standards for quality medical education and assuring that accredited providers meet those standards.

Jeffrey S. Mallin, MD 
Suzanne Ziemnik, MEd 

Past Recipients

Murray Kopelow, MD, MS (Comm), FRCPC
Michael Romano, MD, MHA

Jerilyn Glass, MD, PhD
Carol S. Havens, MD
Timothy W. Holder, MD
John R. Kues, PhD
Kim Edward LeBlanc, MD, PhD
James Liljestrand, MD, MPH
Sandra Norris, MBA
David Pieper, PhD
Harold J. Sauer, MD
Stephen E. Willis, MD

Alejandro Aparicio, MD
Stuart C. Gilman, MD, MPH
Clifford Gevirtz, MD, MPH
D. Theresa Kanya, MBA

William W. Greaves, MD, MSPH
Karen E. Heiser, PhD

George Mejicano, MD, MS
Ronald Murray, EdD
J. Brian O’Toole, PhD
David Swee, MD

Stephen S. Biddle, MEd
Marcia J. Jackson, PhD
Jack Dolcourt, MD, MEd

Errol Alden, MD
Richard Ashby, MD
Jann Torrance Balmer, RN, PhD
Barbara E. Barnes, MD
Arnold J. Berry, MD, MPH
Dean R. Bordeaux, MD, MAEd
Stanley M. Bugaieski, MD
Linda Casebeer, PhD
Ellen M. Cosgrove, MD
Howard Dworkin, MD
Melvin Freeman, MD
Harry A. Gallis, MD
Jerry Hammon, MD
James E. Hartfield, MD
Marten O. Hotvedt, PhD
John Jurica, MD, MPH
Robert E. Kristofco, MSW
Brian W. Little, MD, PhD
J. David Marler, Jr., PhD
Albert May, MD
Howard McQuarrie, MD
Steven E. Minnick, MD, MBA
Don Moore, PhD
Robert C. Moravec, MD
Elizabeth Murphy, EdD, RN
Donald Pochyly, MD, MSEd
George Porter, MD
Robert Pyatt, MD
Robert C. Rock, MD
Deborah Sutherland, PhD
Patrick Sweeney, MD, PhD
K. M. Tan, MD
Henry Tulgan, MD