CME Credit Reporting Checklist

Publish Date

This checklist is designed to help accredited providers begin reporting CME credit for their physician-learners. Please note this is not an official form to submit to the ACCME. You may download a PDF of this checklist at the bottom of this webpage. Please contact with any questions.

  1. Determine what new learner data you need to collect from your learners. You may already have some of this data in your records or LMS. You will need the following:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Month and day of birth (no year)
      • Primary state of licensure 
      • State license ID 
  2. Determine how you will collect any missing data, as well as permission to report their credit to their regulatory board(s). Some ways that providers do this are: 
    • Add the learner fields and a permission check box to the meeting registration. 
    • If you have a learner profile in your LMS or other system, add the learner fields and a permission check box.
    • Add the learner fields and a permission check box to your activity evaluation form. It could look like this: Thank you for completing the activity evaluation. If you would like your credit reported to your licensing board, please provide the following information: first name, last name, month and day of birth, state of licensure and license ID.
    • If you have a regular roster of learners for your activities, collect the information and keep it in an excel spreadsheet or other document/system so you have it ready when you are going to report the learners’ CME credit.
  3. Enter your activities in PARS/JA-PARS as you begin to offer them. There needs to be enough information entered for the activity to be considered active. You can find more information about the activity statuses here. Your activity information does not need to be final. You will be able to edit data about the activity before you close it out. 
  4. Determine the credit entry method that will work best for your organization, depending on your staffing resources, technology capability and activity/learner volume. You have several options for reporting the credit: 
      • Manual data entry form
      • Excel upload
      • XML-based batch upload
      • XML-based web services
  5. Report the credit in PARS/JA-PARS within 30 days of the learner completing it, whenever possible. Licensing renewals typically happen throughout the year, on a rolling basis. Unlike the certifying boards, licensing boards do not all wait until the end of the year to check to see if the learner has earned enough credit.