Engages Students

Students of the health professions are engaged in the planning and delivery of CME. (formerly Criterion 25)


Rationale: This criterion recognizes providers for building bridges across the healthcare education continuum and for creating an environment that encourages students of the health professions and practicing healthcare professionals to work together to fulfill their commitment to lifelong learning. For the purpose of this criterion, students refers to students of any of the health professions, across the continuum of healthcare education, including professional schools and graduate education.

Critical Elements:

  • Includes planners who are students of the health professions AND
  • Includes faculty who are students of the health professions

The Standard:

  • Attest to meeting this criterion in at least 10% of activities (but no less than two) during the accreditation term.
  • At review, submit evidence for this number of¬†activities:*
    • S: 2; M: 4; L: 6; XL: 8
    • *Program Size by Activities per Term: S (small): <39; M (medium): 40 -100; L (large): 101-250; XL (extra large): >250