Advances Data Use

The provider advances the use of health and practice data for healthcare improvement. (formerly Criterion 26)


Rationale: The collection, analysis, and synthesis of health and practice data/information derived from the care of patients can contribute to patient safety, practice improvement, and quality improvement. Health and practice data can be gleaned from a variety of sources; some examples include electronic health records, public health records, prescribing datasets, and registries. This criterion will recognize providers that use these data to teach about health informatics and improving the quality and safety of care.

Critical Elements:

  • Teaches about collection, analysis, or synthesis of health/practice data AND
  • Uses health/practice data to teach about healthcare improvement

The Standard:

  • Demonstrate the incorporation of health and practice data into the provider’s educational program with examples from this number of activities:*
    • S: 2; M: 4; L: 6; XL: 8
    • *Program Size by Activities per Term: S (small): <39; M (medium): 40 -100; L (large): 101-250; XL (extra large): >250