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The educational home for our community of accredited continuing education providers, the Academy offers multimedia, interactive courses, and resources designed to enhance the value of your education.

The Value of the ACCME Academy

Learn how ACCME Academy can help you equip your faculty with effective teaching skills, train new staff, prepare for re-accreditation, and more.

Benefits of the ACCME Academy


Access course material anytime, anywhere.


Complete at a pace that is convenient for you, balancing work and life commitments.

Wide Range of Courses

ACCME offers a vast array of courses, giving you access to a wealth of knowledge and practical solutions for your own professional development.

Personalized Learning

Focus on areas where you need improvement.

Specialized Learning Paths

Learning paths and curricula are designed to support the continuing professional development of your continuing education team.

Effective Instructional Methods

Educational interventions for healthcare professionals are more effective when instructional methods promote critical thinking, collaboration, and decision-making skills.


Hear from diverse faculty and subject matter experts that include thought leaders in continuing education and healthcare improvement.

Live Event Content

Access content related to live events such as Learn to Thrive, Newcomers’ Introduction to Accredited Continuing Education, and the Accreditation Workshop each August.

Access and Accounts

All accredited providers in the ACCME System (ACCME-accredited, state-accredited, and jointly accredited-providers) are eligible for 3 free user accounts.

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What You'll Learn

Featured Topics

How to meet accreditation requirements.

To expertly navigate ACCME’s Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS).

Find special content for ACCME volunteers and State Medical Society collaborations.

Evidence-based educational strategies that promote engagement through active learning.

Core Curriculum

Newcomers' Intro to Accredited CE

The purpose of this curriculum is to orient new CE professionals to the purpose and value of accreditation through a series of 3 courses on the history and role of accredited continuing education, a conceptual overview of the accreditation requirements, and interactive activity planning.

Academy Answers: CE Program Management

The purpose of the curriculum is to provide a resource for strategies and skills for managing, promoting, and building strong, effective CE programs.

Accreditation Tips

This microlearning video series is designed to provide simple strategies CE staff and educators can use in CE programs to avoid or correct common causes of noncompliance with the accreditation requirements and to provide simple strategies to implement to strive for Accreditation with Commendation.

Accredited CE Orientation: New Faculty

The purpose of this curriculum is to orient new faculty to the history and role of accredited CE, to the accreditation requirements that structure the educational planning and delivery process, and to provide some foundational knowledge and strategies to get new faculty started on a journey as effective educators.

Accredited CE Orientation: New Staff

The curriculum orients new staff to their accreditation work: to the history and background of accredited CE, to the accreditation requirements, the accreditation process; and provides essential educational foundations for growing as CE professionals.

Education for Equity and Access

The purpose of this curriculum is to equip CE planners and faculty with strategies for developing education that is accessible and that can promote healthcare equity.

Effective Teaching Toolkit

The purpose of the curriculum is to support the development of foundational knowledge, strategies, and skills covering educational theories and approaches, teaching skills, and assessment strategies.

Tools for Integrity and Independence

The purpose of this curriculum is to orient learners to the Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education by introducing key concepts in the Standards, demonstrating strategies for implementing the Standards in an accredited CE program, and how to use the Standards to build learner trust.