PARS Activity Registration for OA REMS

How to Register Activities for Opioid Analgesic REMS:

1. Start by logging in to PARS at

2. Select the “Program and Activity Data” button to navigate to your activities.


3. Select the Activities tab at the top of the page.


4. If you previously entered your activity, find it in the activity list and select “update.” If this is a new activity, select “Add Activity” and enter the standard activity information. Note: Opioid Analgesic REMS is only available for Reporting Year 2019 and later.


5. Once you have completed the basic activity information, the REMS attestation can be found near the bottom of the activity screen.


6. For activities offered under the new Opioid Analgesic REMS program, select “Opioid Analgesic Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS)” from the drop-down menu.


7. You will then be asked to attest that your activity meets the requirements of the Opioid Analgesic REMS program.


8. After checking the box to attest, you will be asked to provide additional information about this activity. This includes:

  • the RPC ID assigned to the activity (in the format XX-000000-000)
  • the end date of the activity
  • whether learners pay a fee to participate in the activity
  • a web page where learners can access more information about the activity
  • whether the activity is open to any participant or limited to a specific group


9. Once this information is complete, remember to save the activity.


10. If you have entered all required information, you will see a success message like this one.