How can I best identify relevant financial relationships?

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Steve Singer, PhD, Vice President of Education and Outreach, discusses identifying relevant financial relationships. 


>>SINGER: There are several tools that ACCME has created to help you manage the identification of relevant financial relationships. You can check out those educational tutorials to help support your strategies for managing independence in your CME activities. Also understand that providers can take a number of approaches to collect this information. Some providers will gather a comprehensive list of all financial relationships from everyone who has the potential to control the content of their CME activities for a year at a time. As the provider plans different CME activities, they implement a process to review the list of people and their relationships against the content of the CME they are developing, to determine what relationships are relevant and employ at that time, their processes for resolving conflict of interest and disclosure along the way.

Other providers involve their faculty and others by saying, “this CME activity is about this topic and those commercial products or services. Here are the criteria for what makes a financial relationship relevant. Please use a worksheet or a form to help us identify what relevant financial relationships you have with the activity.” Both of these strategies can be used effectively so long as you and your educational collaborators understand these expectations.