All accredited providers in the ACCME System use the Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) to maintain their ACCME contact information, view their accreditation decision history, and submit required data about their activities and programs.

This page contains resources to help you fulfill these expectations. If you need more assistance, please reach out:

In addition, ACCME-accredited providers and those seeking ACCME accreditation will complete the accreditation process online in PARS. Detailed instructions will be given to providers as part of the accreditation process.

LoginClick here to log in to PARS.

Who Uses PARS?

All accredited providers within the ACCME System including ACCME-accredited, state-accredited, and jointly accredited providers are required to use PARS.

Logging In 

Accredited providers can log in to PARS by clicking here.

If you are a new user, you will receive an email with the subject header: “ACCME- System Access Granted” which will require you to create a password for the system. Click on the embedded “Set Password” link in the email to create a password for the system. After you create a password, you can log in and access the provider dashboard. If you are a current user and have trouble logging in, you may need to reset your password by clicking on “Can’t log in or forgot your password?” The system will prompt you to enter your email address. A reset password email will be forwarded to the address you provide. If you have issues logging in, you may contact


For a guide to help you navigate different features in PARS, click here


All accredited providers are required to enter information about the activities they accredit each year. This information includes the date of the activity, the hours of instruction, the type of activity, how many learners completed the activity, and other information. You may enter activity data directly in the PARS web form, use either the designated tab-delimited, Excel, or XML batch upload template, or through a web service integration. More information about upload templates and web services is available on our technical information page.

Program Summary and Attestation

Each year, accredited providers are required to report a summary of their programs' financial data for the year. You need to manually complete the following fields:

  1. Total advertising and exhibit income received in support of your Program
  2. Total registration fees: includes registration, subscription, or publication fees received from learners
  3. Total government monetary grants: monetary grants received from federal, state, or local governmental agencies in support of your Program
  4. Total private monetary donations: monetary donations received from the private sector, including foundations, in support of your Program

Please note that commercial support information must be entered for individual activities.

Once you have entered all your activity data and completed the program summary, you need to read the attestation statement at the bottom of the Program Summary page. Clicking the Submit Program Summary button indicates attestation and completes your annual report. 

The data that accredited providers submit into PARS is used to support the process for initial accreditation, reaccreditation, and progress report reviews. It is also used for producing annual reports, submitting data to the certifying boards in support of CME that counts for MOC, and preparing reports to support the FDA REMS. Additionally, we offer the CME community the opportunity to access anonymized ACCME data for appropriate research.