Through the alignment of ACCME and American Medical Association requirements, CME providers now have the freedom and flexibility to employ blended, new, and innovative approaches to education.

In response to feedback from clinicians and educators, the American Medical Association (AMA) and the ACCME collaborated to simplify and align our expectations for accredited CME activities certified for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™.

Reflective of the AMA and ACCME’s shared values, the simplification encourages innovation and flexibility in accredited CME while continuing to ensure that activities meet education standards and are independent of commercial influence.

These changes mean fewer rules. As part of the alignment, the AMA simplified and reduced its learning format requirements to provide more flexibility for CME providers. To further encourage innovation in educational design and delivery, CME providers may design and deliver an activity that uses blended or new approaches to driving meaningful learning and change. Educators are free to deploy new technologies such as simulation, adaptive e-learning, virtual reality, gamification, and social media into their medical education approaches, to cite just a few examples.

As providers design and describe innovative approaches to education, we plan to share what we learn about the effectiveness of these evolved formats with the community to promote the adoption of best practices.

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FAQ about the AMA/ACCME alignment

AMA PRA booklet: The revised “Requirements for educational activities eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™” section includes the AMA core requirements, format-specific requirements, requirements for designating and awarding credit, and instructions about the credit designation statement.  

AMA/ACCME Glossary of Terms and Definitions

  • The simplification applies to all providers in the ACCME System including state-accredited and ACCME-accredited-providers. 
  • The AMA core requirements and ACCME accreditation requirements are aligned—and do not represent any new rules for accredited CME providers. 
  • The AMA has simplified and reduced its learning format requirements to provide more flexibility for CME providers.
  • CME providers may design and deliver certified activities that use blended or new approaches to drive meaningful learning and change, as long as the provider abides by the AMA requirements.
  • The Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) has been modified, enabling providers to choose “other” as the activity format for blended, new, or other approaches that do not fall into one of the established format categories. Providers also need to identify these activities as “other” in the AMA credit designation statement, as well as include a brief description of the learning format in PARS, in the credit designation statement, and in documentation given to learners (certificates, transcripts, etc.). 
  • Providers will demonstrate their compliance with the AMA’s core requirements by demonstrating compliance with the ACCME’s accreditation requirements. The process for demonstrating compliance with other AMA requirements will be integrated into the existing accreditation/reaccreditation processes.

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