Verbal Disclosure to Learners

Disclosure of information about relevant financial relationships may be disclosed verbally to participants at a CME activity. When such information is disclosed verbally at a CME activity, providers must be able to supply the ACCME with written verification that appropriate verbal disclosure occurred at the activity. With respect to this written verification:

  1. A representative of the provider who was in attendance at the time of the verbal disclosure must attest, in writing:
    • that verbal disclosure did occur; and
    • itemize the content of the disclosed information (SCS 6.1); or that there was nothing to disclose (SCS 6.2).
  2. The documentation that verifies that adequate verbal disclosure did occur must be completed within one month of the activity.


This policy provides guidance about how to document verbal disclosure to learners of the financial relationships of those who control CME activity content, such as planners, committee members, teachers, editors, and authors. The policy is relevant to Standard for Commercial Support 6: Disclosures Relevant to Potential Commercial Bias.