On May 7-8, 2020, we were delighted to welcome more than 2,100 participants representing 1,100 organizations from 52 states and territories and 22 countries to the ACCME 2020 Online Meeting earlier this month. Thank you for joining us and for your positive and inspiring feedback. We share your appreciation of the overall tone of hope and optimism as well as the practical and strategic approaches to managing education during and after the pandemic. We look forward to continuing to work together with our continuing education community to learn well and save lives.

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We hope you will join us for the ACCME 2021 Meeting next year!


Enjoy this recap video from the ACCME 2020 Online Meeting!



We were excited to kick off #ACCME2020Online with more than 2,000 of our closest friends! Thanks to everyone who chatted in hello, from California to Qatar!


“You can't take care of others without taking care of yourself. We're here to support educators any way we can.”—Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and CEO, ACCME


“Whatever silos existed have been broken. We’re trying to build a new organization, better than the one we had prior to COVID. We innovated unbelievably quickly. That culture will be important going forward.”—Michael Dowling, President and CEO, Northwell Health


“Telemedicine is here to stay. Not just on the provider side, but on the patient side. Everyone is looking very carefully to see what works and what doesn’t.”—Hank Chaudhry, DO, MACP, President and CEO, Federation of State Medical Boards




"For many of us, I think, this was our first exposure to a moderately complex virtual conference and you've modeled how to do it well. Thank you."—ACCME 2020 Online Attendee

Derrick Freeman, Program Manager, Wexner Medical Center, The Ohiostate, walks participants through a remote workflow to produce a CME Webcast.


Karen Innocent, DNP, RN, CRNP, Executive Director, Lippincott CME Institute, gives us a few helpful tips to practice creating interactive learning content for online activities.


Avery Jackson, MD, FACS, FAANS, and Cara Brock, PA-C, Michigan Neurosurgical Institute, present the principles behind Project ECHO, a telehealth clinic. When all the principles are applied, a learning community in which, all teach and all learn, comes together.




“Thank you for making this meeting available free, online!”Curry International Tuberculosis Center

“Verbalizing empathy is increasingly important with the use of telemedicine.”—Amy Windover, PhD, Psychologist, Director, Center for Excellence in Healthcare Communication, Cleveland Clinic 




"Thank you for demonstrating through practice how an effective online meeting can be conducted."—ACCME 2020 Online Attendee

“Every session is looking ahead, moving forward, and preparing for the way things will be in the future. The programs that will be created will be so beneficial to the continuing medical education community through the collaborative efforts in all sectors of healthcare.”—Michael Zanolli, MD, Chair, ACCME, Board of Directors




"This virtual meeting has been useful, not only in its content but also as an example of how to successfully move from a live, in-person meeting format to a virtual one. Thank you!"
—ACCME 2020 Online Attendee 

“If patients have had a bad experience, make that the central focus of the education, to help other clinicians not make those mistakes.”—Elizabeth Johnson, MA, RMEI Medical Education, speaks during the Research Live Chats. 




"This virtual meeting has been great in so many ways. The breakout sessions were wonderfully organized and all went smoothly. Thank you for organizing this so well."
—ACCME 2020 Online Attendee 

“This wheel can make the new criteria seem not quite so daunting.”—Lily Zurkovsky, PhD, Forefront Collaborative 


Deema Al-Sheikhly, MRes, MEHP, Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, provides tips for preparing to demonstrate compliance with ACCME's Commendation Criteria. “Because we have achieved Accreditation with Commendation, our learners can say, 'We know when we come to WCMQ, what we are getting is quality.'"




"Virtual meetings have enabled us to increase attendance and diversity and geographic diversity of participants -- this can improve the quality and impact of the education, and opportunities for collaboration."—ACCME 2020 Online Attendee 

“CMS is ACCME-accredited. Beyond that, we are interested in CME because we are looking for clinicians to be engaged in meaningful improvement activities, quality improvement activities, that make care better for all of our beneficiaries. It’s important that you are making sure that these activities truly advance care and that’s why we think it’s very important to be able to partner with you.”—Michelle Schreiber, MD, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


“Our collaboration with ACCME and educational providers really helped us deliver something to the diplomates that they want, which is relevant, convenient, and accessible educational material.”—Richard Baron, MD, President & CEO, American Board of Internal Medicine


“COVID-19 has affected surgery quite a bit. We see a real hunger from our community to learn things again, such as ventilator management. The education community stepped up to provide what was needed in a very rapid manner.”—Jo Buyske, MD, President & CEO, American Board of Surgery 




“Proud to have been a co-presenter this year. Thank you, ACCME, for this wonderful opportunity!”—ACCME 2020 Online Attendee 

“As we struggled with decisions about our meeting, we listened to what was important about educational engagement, and how our audience felt we could, and should, best support our community’s needs. The result of that discussion is this online meeting.”—Steve Singer, PhD, VP, Education and Outreach, ACCME


"We've adapted and explored new ways to provide CME opportunities that will continue well into the future."—Christine Stabler, MD, ACCME, Board of Directors 


"We're seeing that telehealth is improving therapeutic breakthroughs...and hoping the equitable distribution of care is possible for every patient going forward."—Ted Bruno, MD, The France Foundation




"A HUGE thank you and well done to putting a well run, professional conference within such a short amount of time. ACCME's ability to pivot quickly while still providing great insights, the ability to network, and integrating technology that adds to the learning and does not distract from it. This is a testament to how well ACCME staff work together, really build a wonderful community, and are very dedicated to this niche industry."
—ACCME 2020 Online Attendee 

“CE providers have always shown the courage, integrity, tenacity, and curiosity that will help us make the impact we are looking for. ACCME is here to help you navigate through the variety of challenges.”—Graham McMahon, President & CEO, ACCME, leaves us with final remarks as we close out the ACCME 2020 Online Meeting.


“The key takeaway for interprofessional continuing education: relationships, relationships, relationships. That was the biggest message in terms of building a community of learners and having an impact. It’s National Nurses Week and we gave a big shout out to the nurses who were part of our breakout.”—Kate Regnier, MA, MBA, Executive VP, ACCME


“Go for it, just do it! Every provider type has achieved commendation.”—Dion Richetti, VP, Accreditation and Recognition, ACCME, on achieving Accreditation with Commendation. 


“Continuing education is not just a single event, it’s an ongoing commitment. We need to remember to fail early, fail often, and always fail forward.”—Suzanne Ziemnik, MEd, Vice Chair, Board of Directors, ACCME





"This online synchronous meeting was informative and beneficial. ACCME has provided a great demonstration on conference techniques in the online environment. I have enjoyed the online meeting. This conference has provided me with new strategies in managing my CME program. I absolutely enjoyed the breakout sessions; just wish there was more time!! Thank you for offering such a wonderful online conference!"—ACCME 2020 Online Attendee