Criterion 7

The provider develops activities/educational interventions independent of commercial interests. (SCS 1, 2, and 6).

ACCME Note: 

Accredited continuing medical education is always designed and presented in a manner whereby the accredited provider retains control of the content of CME. Providers are expected to ensure that activity planning and implementation is in the hands of the provider. The provider must obtain information from all those in control of content (eg, planners, teachers, and authors) so as to allow for the management and resolution of potential conflicts of interest. The provider must disclose to learners the relevant financial relationships of all those who control the content of CME.

Related Standards

Standard 1: Independence

Standard 1.1 A CME provider must ensure that the following decisions were made free of the control of a commercial interest. (See for a definition of a "commercial interest" and some exemptions.) (a) Identification of CME needs;  (b) Determination of educational objectives; (c) Selection and presentation of content; (d) Selection of all persons and organizations that will be in a position to control the content of the CME; (e) Selection of educational methods; (f) Evaluation of the activity.
Standard 1.2 A commercial interest cannot take the role of non-accredited partner in a joint provider relationship.

Standard 2: Resolution of Personal Conflicts of Interest

Standard 2.1 The provider must be able to show that everyone who is in a position to control the content of an education activity has disclosed all relevant financial relationships with any commercial interest to the provider. The ACCME defines "'relevant' financial relationships” as financial relationships in any amount occurring within the past 12 months that create a conflict of interest.  
Standard 2.2 An individual who refuses to disclose relevant financial relationships will be disqualified from being a planning committee member, a teacher, or an author of CME, and cannot have control of, or responsibility for, the development, management, presentation or evaluation of the CME activity.  
Standard 2.3 The provider must have implemented a mechanism to identify and resolve all conflicts of interest prior to the education activity being delivered to learners.  

Standard 6: Disclosures Relevant to Potential Commercial Bias

Standard 6.1 An individual must disclose to learners any relevant financial relationship(s), to include the following information: The name of the individual; The name of the commercial interest(s); The nature of the relationship the person has with each commercial interest.
Standard 6.2 For an individual with no relevant financial relationship(s) the learners must be informed that no relevant financial relationship(s) exist.  
Standard 6.3 The source of all support from commercial interests must be disclosed to learners. When commercial support is "in-kind‟ the nature of the support must be disclosed to learners.  
Standard 6.4 'Disclosure' must never include the use of a corporate logo, trade name or a product-group message of an ACCME-defined commercial interest.  
Standard 6.5 A provider must disclose the above information to learners prior to the beginning of the educational activity.