Criterion 17

The provider utilizes non-education strategies to enhance change as an adjunct to its activities/educational interventions (e.g., reminders, patient feedback).

ACCME Note: 

The ACCME is looking for evidence of the use of strategies such as, but not limited to, rewards, process redesign, peer review, audit feedback, monitoring, reminders as tools to enhance, or facilitate, change. Some providers are concerned that some of these may be considered 'educational' as they potentially change what people 'know' or because they inform learners (eg, “It may be time for you to call back your patients with…”). In C17, the ACCME is looking for tactics that go beyond the educational activity or intervention. Essentially, the ACCME is looking for providers to be broadening the range of tools they use to facilitate change. We are providing specific examples of what the ACCME has been accepting as 'non educational strategies'.