ACCME Participates in International CME Events

October 31, 2013
Posted by: 
Tamar Hosansky

ACCME Supports CME Collaboration Across Boarders

The ACCME participated in the following international events in September as part of its ongoing efforts to support collaboration in the global CME community.

  • Murray Kopelow, MD, President and CEO, ACCME, participated in the Cologne Consensus Conference: Decisions in CME/CPD Accreditation, held in September and sponsored by the European Cardiology Section Foundation.  Dr. Kopelow participated in a discussion about the role of accreditors in ensuring the quality and validity of the medical information that is disseminated to healthcare professionals through the CME/CPD process. He described the ACCME’s policies and practices regarding the validation of content in ACCME-system accredited CME. He explained that accredited providers are evaluated based on three sources of data: the accredited provider’s self-study report, activity files, and interview with volunteer surveyors. He described the multilevel process for determining accreditation decisions, which includes reviews by the Accreditation Review Committee and the Decision Committee of the ACCME Board of Directors.
  • Dr. Kopelow gave the closing plenary presentation at the World Summit on Outcomes-Based Accreditation in Medicine Program. The first-time event was hosted by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Calgary, Canada, in September. He explained how information about physician practice informs the medical education continuum, including undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education, and he cited studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of CME in supporting physicians’ continuing professional development. He gave an overview of the challenges facing CPD accreditation systems across borders and discussed best practices in accreditation, including the importance of ensuring fair, accurate, and consistent accreditation decisions. He described the long-standing collaboration between the ACCME and Canadian accreditors as a potential model for future international collaborative efforts: The ACCME and the Committee for the Accreditation of Continuing Medical Education of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada developed a substantial equivalency framework in 2002; and in 2013 the ACCME and the Royal Academy of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada created the International Academy for CPD Accreditation.
  • Kate Regnier MA, MBA, Deputy Chief Executive and COO, ACCME, gave a presentation at the 8th US-Vietnam Joint Committee Meeting Health and Medical Sciences Working Group, held in September by the US Department of Health & Human Services. Participating via webinar, Ms. Regnier provided an introduction to CME in the United States and the ACCME accreditation system. She described the trajectory of physicians’ professional development, the scope of the ACCME system, and the role of the accreditation requirements in supporting CME that is by and for the profession of medicine, linked to quality and safety, effective in improving practice, independent of commercial interests, and based on valid content. She gave an overview of the engagement between the ACCME and the US government, explaining that two government representatives serve on the ACCME’s Board of Directors, the ACCME accredits 14 government agencies and branches of the military, and the ACCME works in partnership with government agencies to target public health imperatives.