ACCME Continues Strategic Discussions with Stakeholders about CME's Future

May 31, 2012
Posted by: 
Tamar Hosansky

The Accreditation Council for CME Board of Directors engaged in strategic planning in 2011 about the future of the ACCME system and identified three strategic imperatives:

1. Foster ACCME Leadership and Engagement

2. Evolve and Simplify the Accreditation Standards, Process, and System

3. Explore and Build a More Diversified Portfolio of ACCME Products and Services

The Board incorporated feedback from stakeholders to identify these priorities. Now, the ACCME is seeking creative and constructive suggestions for how to fulfill them. This year, there will be many opportunities for the CME community and other stakeholders to engage with us about these goals and the future of the ACCME system.

The ACCME accreditation system and process have been evolving for many years. The current accreditation requirements have been in place since 2006. More than 80% of accredited providers have been reviewed under these requirements. At this point, we believe it would be beneficial to reflect on what works, what might not work, what brings value, and what could be improved in support of accredited CME that Matters to Patient Care and in support of a fair, consistent, and accurate system and process for accredited CME at the state and national levels.

During our conversations, we are asking stakeholders the following questions:

  • Do the ACCME’s accreditation requirements, process, and system add value to what you do? What value do you receive? What does not add value?
  • What would you add or take away from the ACCME’s accreditation requirements, process, and system to improve them?
  • How could the ACCME evolve or simplify the accreditation requirements or process?
  • What gaps and unmet needs do you observe in your organization, among your stakeholders, and in the overall CME system that could be addressed by the ACCME?

We are also exploring the role of accredited CME in the evolving health care system. We are convening CME and other health care system stakeholders to discuss:

  • How we can support alignment across the medical education and lifelong learning continuum, including Maintenance of Licensure, Maintenance of Certification®, and CME
  • How we can work together to create a more effective, efficient and simplified system of physician accountability

We have initiated these conversations by talking with our volunteers on the Accreditation Review Committee and the Committee for Review and Recognition, and our volunteer surveyors. We have held several discussions with Recognized Accreditors. At our March Board of Directors meeting we convened three discussion sessions with invited guests and the member organization liaisons. We have begun discussions with accredited providers at both the national and state levels.

During the coming months, we will continue to hold a variety of forums with ACCME volunteers, Recognized Accreditors, accredited providers, and other stakeholders to address these questions. We will announce these forums in our e-newsletter and on our Web site, and we encourage you to contribute your ideas and perspectives.

We have not defined a timeline for change and do not have preconceived suggestions for changes. We plan to have ongoing conversations with stakeholders before drafting any proposed changes. If and when we are ready to propose changes, we will gather further feedback through a call for comment, in accordance with our Rule-Making Policy.

Listen to a commentary by Murray Kopelow, MD, ACCME Chief Executive, about the ACCME’s engagement with stakeholders regarding the strategic imperatives.