What is the timeline for implementing the April 2014 modifications to Standards for Commercial Support 4.3 and 6.4 and the Commercial Support Acknowledgement Policy related to prohibiting the use of commercial interests’ logos in the disclosure of commercial support?

Published Date: 
May 29, 2014
Last Revised: 
May 29, 2014

The changes to Standard 4.3, Standard 6.4 , and the Commercial Support Acknowledgement Policy are effective immediately. However, accredited providers are not expected to change or reprint any materials that currently exist. When and how you implement these changes is up to your organization in order to be sensitive to your time and resource constraints. The ACCME expects that by May 2015 all activities that are current  at that time, and future activities will be in compliance. After May 2015, the ACCME will begin to find providers in noncompliance if logos of ACCME-defined commercial interests are included with disclosure of commercial support.

For more information, see Accreditation Council for CME Prohibits Commercial Interest Logos in Disclosure of Commercial Support.

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