Can accredited providers continue to use a monitoring system for regularly scheduled series (RSS) to demonstrate compliance with accreditation requirements?

Published Date: 
March 14, 2014

Yes. Providers may choose any quality assurance method that works for them in order to ensure that their regularly scheduled series (RSS), and all their activities, are planned and presented in compliance with accreditation requirements. However, the ACCME does not require providers to use a monitoring system for RSS–or for any of their activities. For RSS, as with any activity type, providers are expected to be in compliance with all applicable ACCME accreditation requirements and policies, including the ACCME Standards for Commercial SupportSM: Standards to Ensure the Independence of CME Activities. The accreditation process will determine compliance, based on information supplied by the provider at the interview, in the self-study report, and in documentation of performance-in-practice at the activity level.

The special requirements for RSS, including the requirement for a monitoring system, were eliminated as part of the February 2014 changes to simplify the accreditation requirements and process.

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