Complaints resulting in Notices of Noncompliance and Required Corrective Information to Learners

ACCME policy requires accredited providers to offer corrective information to the learners, faculty, and planners if an activity is found to be in Noncompliance with ACCME Standard for Commercial Support 1: Independence, Standard for Commercial Support 5: Content and Format without Commercial Bias, or the content validation policy. The provider must describe to the ACCME the action that it took to address the noncompliance issues and the corrective information that it transmitted. Providers determine how to communicate the corrective information and are under no obligation to communicate that the activity was found in Noncompliance with ACCME requirements.

Below are two examples of Corrective Information that ACCME-accredited providers found to be in Noncompliance with Standard for Commercial Support 1: Independence provided to learners. The corrective information was necessary, in both instances, because an employee of a commercial interest served as faculty for an activity whose content involved the business lines and products of that commercial interest.

This message is to provide corrective information to learners, planners, and faculty of the Activity Title which was held on Activity Date. We would like to inform you that the following lecture entitled “Session Title” deviated from the previously submitted abstract. The lecture included content related to the business lines and products of a commercial entity and the presenter is an employee of that commercial entity.

To: Attendees of CME Activity, Planning Committee, and Speakers
From: Office of CME
Re: Noncompliance with ACCME Standards of Commercial Support, Noncompliance with the Provider’s Policy on Commercial Support
We have been notified and acknowledge that for this CME activity we have been in noncompliance with ACCME Standard for Commercial Support 1: Independence. It was our error to invite speaker from commercial interest to present for this grand rounds. We have responded to the ACCME’s Notice of Noncompliance with several specific changes to our planning process. In addition, we now require course directors to attest that they are not employees of commercial interests. While the activity remains accredited, we advise you to take into consideration this breach ofthe ACCME Standards for Commercial Support and the possibility of commercial bias in the presentation.

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Published Date: 
Wednesday, June 19, 2013
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